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Windows Resources The following links will provide you with

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******s Resources
The following links will provide you with useful technical support information, downloads, tips, tricks and utilities for ******s 95, 98, NT, 2000, and other Microsoft products.
Technical Information
Software Help Desk
Have you ever experienced problems with your software? Perhaps you've had difficulty installing an application, printing a document or performing a task needed to complete a report. Wouldn't you rather ask an expert for help instead of spending hours reading a complicated software manual? We can help you. 24-Hour Access to Expert Technicians. Unlimited Toll-Free Calls. Ask any Computer-Related Questions.
Expertcity.com is THE only place to get instant, person-to-person computer help and advice from qualified experts on the Internet.
******s 2000 Home Page
Find out more about the long awaited new operating system including the Product Guide, Technical Library and Upgrade Information.
Microsoft Personal Online Support Center
From here, you can search or browse for technical support information about Microsoft products and technologies.
Microsoft Support Downloads
device drivers, service packs and more for Microsoft products
******s 95/98/NT/CE/2000 downloads & updates
Service911.com is the leading aggregator of service and support content and fulfillment on the ***. Service911.com offers its visitors a single source solution for virtually all of their computer maintenance and technology support needs.
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Tips, Tricks & Resources
DriverGuide.com has the world's largest collection of device driver updates. Membership is free.
******s 98 Tip of the Day
Free ******s 98 tips, hints and tweaks newsletter.
******s 95 Tip of the Day
Order free daily ******s 95 tips, hints and tweaks.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Tips
Free daily email newsletter with tips, hints, and tweaks.
Netscape Communicator Tip of the Day
Free email newsletter with hints, tips, and other tricks for your Netscape browser.
PC World Daily Computer News
PC World's Daily Computer News *****: Headlines from PC World Online's News team with links to the complete stories. TipWorld will deliver PC World's Daily Computer News ***** straight to your email inbox!
How to Copy your ******s 95/98 System to a New IDE Hard Drive
A tutorial to guide you in transfering your system to a new IDE hard drive.
Recipe for creating a permanent swap file
Errol Nielsen's legendary recipe from the msnews.microsoft.com newsgroups.
******s 95/98 Annoyances
The best site on the Internet for coping with those annoying features/bugs of ******s 95/98.
Internet Explorer Resources
Delwin Lee's great site of tips & tricks for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Outlook Express User Tips
Eric Miller's site is the best on the net for Outlook Express information.
Another Win95
Don't let the **** fool you. AnotherWin95.com is about anything and everything ******s related not just the OS itself. From Internet Explorer to the software you can run on this operating system - you will find it here.
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Software & Utilities
Speedlane Internet Optimizer
The ultimate Powertool to speed up your internet! Speedlane software optimizes your ******s95/98/NT4.0 Internet access to be up to 200% faster. The average speed increase is similar to the performance gained from upgrading a 33.6k to a 56k modem. It works equally well for all 14.4k, 28.8k, 33.6k and 56k modems, ISDN and cable modems, even T-1s. It is extremely easy to use, even for computer novices.
McAfee.com Clinic
Keep your PC virus-free and running smoothly. The McAfee.com Clinic is not like traditional software, it's SMART virus protection — we detect AND remove viruses, EASY to use and ALWAYS up-to-date, CONVENIENT to access ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
AVP.COM: Your First, Last, and Only Line of Defense (TM)
Virus Information and anti-virus software.
GRAB THE GATOR! FREE SOFTWARE! Gator is a free online tool that eliminates frustrating *** chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Gator safely stores your personal data in an encrypted file on your hard drive. When you hit a *** page that has a form or requires a login ID, account number or password, Gator surfaces and provides the exact information needed with NO TYPING! Gator is your smart online companion. FREEWARE! Under 3 minute download on 56K modem.
The only FREE email notification service for staying current with ******s, Mac, Unix, Linux and Palm software applications.
98 Lite
a unique application that breaks the tight integration between ******s98 and Internet Explorer, opening up a range of new possibilities for configuring ******s98. These possibilities are realised by implanting the leaner and faster Explorer ***** from ******s95 onto the improved core of ******s98. You keep all the great ******s98 improvements to the hardware support, drivers, memory management, Fat32 and improved networking, but the Explorer95 interface is considerably faster and consumes fewer computer resources. Includes an IE removal tool for existing Win98 installations, and installer tool for new Win98 installations, and a *****swap utility to install the faster Win95 Explorer *****.
disintegrates all versions of Internet Explorer from v3 to v5.5 from an existing installation of ******s 95, ******s 98, ******s 98SE, and ******s Millennium. The removal process eliminates 99% of Internet Explorer's files and registry keys to clear approximately 30MB of disk space. The remaining 1% is left behind to maintain compatibility with programs that use the MS HTML layout engine (e.g. Outlook Express). Freeware
Emergency Undelete Tool for ******s NT
a freeware utility that recovers accidentally deleted files directly from any NTFS or FAT disk.
******s 98 Updates
Microsoft saw the light and you can now download updates for ******s 98 from this page no matter what browser you use.
Microsoft.com Download Center
Free downloads of Microsoft products and enhancements including betas, trial versions, viewers, *** publishing tools, add-ons and much more.
Download the latest ******s 95/98/2000 and NT freeware, shareware and demos! Use our FREE advanced TrackIt! service to track software upgrades.
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